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Cum On My Wife's Tits

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“I want you to spray your cum on my wife's tits,” said the husband of this hot brunette wife from LA. It's not every day you get an invitation like that and I wasn't about to say no! I've been porn blogging for years now and I've been on the sets of porn videos a few times, but this was the first time I've ever been invited to take part. The couple were making a POV video and they wanted the wife to shoot with as many different guys as possible. I couldn't believe my luck! I got a great blowjob and tit fuck before covering her tits in thick white cum.

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This is the latest in our series of huge tits cum shot videos and it's a cracker! Check out the air bags on this beauty! Wow, what wouldn't you give to get your cock between them puppies? I'd sure as hell love to pump a wad of my junk into that canyon of fleshy cleavage. And that's exactly what you will get to see in the video!

Huge Tits Cum

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You might be tempted to think that the best thing about this video is the huge tits. Or even the big tits cum shot. But you'd be wrong. Oh, the cum shot is awesome, it's true, but the best thing is seeing what a proper little slut this chick is! She may look sweet but she is one of the dirtiest little whores I've seen in a porn flick in a long time. If you like women with huge tits who are real sluts in the sack then you should watch this video immediately!

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Today's video download features an awesome teen tits cum shot that will make you want to blow a load of your own white muck. The teen girl in this video is stunning and has an amazing set of tits on her, as you can see in the screenshot below. Those jugs are just the right size to get your cock between and this babe gives the guy a fantastic boob job. She doesn't just let him fuck them, no, she really squeezes them together around his dick and works them up and down his shaft to bring him off. And it does the trick; he doesn't last long being jacked of by those beauties and soon unloads massive jets of cum all over them.

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When it comes to teen tits cum shots you will have to go a long way to find a video better than this. The chick is stunning, the tits are awesome and she gives the best boob job you've ever seen. So what more can you ask for? If you only download one video today then make sure it is this one. You will not regret it. You can download it now on this link...

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Today Cum Tits presents a top quality hardcore video that culminates in an amazing pair of teen tits being covered in cum. Just look at that set of jugs and tell me you wouldn't like to get your cock between those beauties and fuck the life out of them? That is one seriously juicy pair of tits and any guy would give his left testicle to fuck them.

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Well, as you can see, one lucky guy not only got to fuck those awesome teen tits but he also got to cover them in his cum. And that's a pretty huge wad of jizz he has unloaded on them. He completely covered them in thick white goo and they look even better covered in cum than they did already!

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This horny bitch wants cum on her tits and she wants it now! Some chicks love the feel of hot cum sprayed over their tits and this chick is one of them. You can see her in this video giving an amazing tit job and really working the guy's cock hard between her huge jugs...

Cum On Her Tits

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You can see from the look in this chick's eyes as she's massaging the guy's cock between her big tits that she is really trying hard to make him cum on her tits. She squeezes his cock between those massive boobs and really gives him a truly awesome tit job. As the tip of his cock plunges into her soft cleavage the guy gets closer and closer to unleashing a massive load of cum.

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Here's a video of a super hot chick with cum on her nice tits and mouth. I just love to see a chick with cum dribbling down her chin and dripping onto a nice big pair of tits. And this chick's tits are spectacular! Seeing them covered in thick white cum is just awesome. Check out the video below and see for yourself...

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This video starts with this babe getting her nice tits played with through a thin tight t-shirt. The guy is behind her and reaching round to cup her massive boobs in his hands. Her tits are almost spilling out of the tight material as he squeezes them and you can see her perky nipples poking through the cloth. Eventually he lifts up her top to reveal this very nice pair of big tits. And that's just the beginning of the video. I won't give too much away but I can tell you it's one video you will not want to miss!

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I just love this picture of a hot chick with big tits and cum on her boobs. She looks so fucking sexy with those gorgeous big juicy melons completely sprayed with thick white cum. I could happily add a load of my own jizz to those jugs. But I guess I'll have to settle for watching the video and blowing a load of spunk onto my keyboard!

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This video is the first Cum Tits video download and I hope you guys and girls all enjoy it. This big tits chick gives a smoking hot blowjob before getting her pussy licked out. As she's having her sexy slit licked you can see her playing with her own big tits and tweaking her massive pierced nipples. Once the guy has got her well juiced up he lifts her legs over his shoulders and rams his cock into her pussy to give her the fucking of a lifetime. After a good fifteen minutes of fucking the little slut in every conceivable position, he finally unleashes a big load of hot cum on her boobs.

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